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Someone Is Already Trying To Sell A Porsche 911 R For $1.25 Million

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Seems legit.

You can walk into your local Porsche dealership right now and drop a deposit down on a 2017 911 R. MSRP? Try a minimum of $184,900. Really not at all unreasonable considering the 911 R is essentially a GT3 without the PDK transmission and rear wing. This one is manual-only. Plus, you'd get that ridiculously cool retro paint job, a proper tribute to the original 1967 911 R, of which just 20 production examples were built. It'll be a rare bird (991 total examples), no doubt, but will it be rare enough to sell for an astronomical amount on eBay today?

Someone out there thinks so. We think they're nuts, if not an outright crook because the asking price for the yet-to-be-delivered 911 R is $1,250,000. Oh, and it gets better: This seller is also claiming they have a 911 GT1 for sale, one of 25 street versions. That price? A minimum of €4,250,000. Details about the seller, "buy-it-now-2016" are limited, only that they're located in Germany. Could this be completely legit? Possibly, yeah, but a legit dealer wouldn't post a couple of stock images, including one with a tacky "buy it now" Photoshopped-license plate up front. A real dealership would proudly show off its credibility. But if you have the means to buy a new 911 R, you really ought to get that deposit down. This one is going to sell out real fast.

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