Someone Is Already Trying To Sell The Ferrari LaFerrari Spyder For $6 Million

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That would be one hell of a markup for the droptop.

It was just a few days ago that FCA and Ferrari head Sergio Marchionne confirmed that the LaFerrari Spider was in production. Now there's an ad for the car on Mobile, an online automotive marketplace serving Germany. The ad was posted by Investment Cars Gmbh, a company that seems to exist only as a profile on That's the first fishy part of this post. The second is the price: 5.1 million Euros, or $5.8 million USD. That kind of money for a production car is unheard of and easily dwarfs the $1.4 million price tag of the original LaFerrari.

The ad goes on to claim that only 70 units will be put into production and that owners can take delivery six months after order. Right… It doesn't take a genius to spot this scam. Ferrari is only going to give its most high-profile and trusted owners a crack at this car. It's unlikely those people are dumb enough to try and instantly flip their ultra-rare supercar before it even comes off the line. But just for fun, let us know which of these three factors could be the closest to reality. That'd be the price tag of $5.8 million, the production cap of 70 units, or that delivery is in six months. We'll say the production number could be close to the truth, although with Marchionne at the helm and Ferrari now on its own, production will probably be closer to the LaFerrari's 499 units.

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