Someone Is Selling Nissan Indy Pro V8 Engines For A Third Of The Price

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$15,000 for a fully-fledged racing engine sounds like a great deal.

If you've got a project race car that needs an engine, you'll be delighted to know that an Indiana-based individual is selling several Nissan Indy Pro Series 3.5-liter V8 racing engines at $15,000 a piece.

These powerplants - known internally as the VK45 610A IRL - were used in the late 1990s and early 2000s and were designed exclusively for use in the Indy Pro Series. The 32-valve V8 engine has an aluminum alloy block and heads and features molybdenum-coated pistons.

According to the seller, these desirable engines are race-ready. They have Carillo Rods, a custom fuel injection system, titanium valves, billet Bryant crankshafts, and a compression ratio of 10.5:1. In their current state of tune they produce 450 horsepower at 8,100 rpm, and 304 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 rpm.

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We assume experienced mechanics and engine experts will be able to extract more power from these racing V8s, but 450 horses should be more than enough for a project race car.

The engine redlines at 8,200 rpm and, when fitted in an Infiniti Pro Series racer, can reach speeds over 225 mph. Given that these are bonafide motorsport engines, we're guessing not many project car owners will be wanting to fit this into their track day 350Z.

However, it could make a great buy for anyone who is building a proper race car. What's more, the seller notes that the engines have been treated to a rebuild but have since covered a few hundred miles, indicating no reliability issues. Buyers will receive the specifications for each engine, which include their respective mileage and rebuild details. Tripe-disc clutches are also available.

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According to a Facebook post advertising the same engines, buyers will also receive the wiring and the full pin out from Nissan. The computers, however, are not included. Nissan reportedly ordered these to be destroyed. Fear not, because the seller claims they can be run with Haltech or Motec engine management systems.

While $15,000 isn't pocket change, it's far cheaper than the original price tag of $45,000. We've seen production car engines selling for nearly twice as much as this. It's actually cheaper than a GR Corolla crate engine and much easier to get your hands on, too.

The only road-going Nissan vehicles that receive a V8 these days are the Armada SUV and Titan pickup truck. When it comes to sports cars like the new Nissan Z and the GT-R, Nissan prefers to use turbocharged V6 engines.

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