Someone Is Selling The BMW 750iL Tupac Was Killed In


Of course they're asking crazy money for it.

When any car is involved in the death of a famous celebrity, chances are it'll eventually go up for sale for some ridiculous amount of money. That's exactly the case of gunned down rapper Tupac Shakur's BMW 750iL, the very same car he was killed in on September 7, 1996. CarScoops first got wind of the sale, which is being offered on MomentsInTime, a website that buys and sells all sorts of memorabilia. And if you want this particular Bimmer, it's going to cost you at least $1.5 million, the current asking price.

Tupac's death happened over 20 years ago, which sounds kind of hard to believe. While in Las Vegas, he was shot four times and died from his wounds. The 750iL was then impounded by the police department for a period of time, but was later sold, and it's been owned by several individuals over the years. Will you be the next owner? Do you want (or are willing) to pony up at least $1.5 million for a car that, if it weren't the setting of a famous rapper's assassination, could be had for around $3,000? On the plus side, this 750iL has been restored but the bullet holes from the infamous September night are still visible inside the door panels.

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