Someone Is Selling This McLaren 720S In Bitcoin Only

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The future method of supercar payment?

Over the past week or so Bitcoin has surged in value, and some are predicting the cryptocurrency will rise as much as 20-fold due to investors viewing it as an upgrade to gold. It's also not so unusual anymore to see Bitcoin offered as a form of payment. This Craigslist Atlanta ad, for example, is for a new 2018 McLaren 720s in Bitcoin only. Specifically, 30 Bitcoin. One Bitcoin is worth $14,634.80. That's the equivelant, as of this writing, of $439,043.

The 720S starts at around $285,000, but the seller here claims this one has a number of extra features that justify the higher price, regardless of currency. Some of the options include Azores calipers, 10-spoke lightweight wheels, visible carbon body structure and carbon sill panel, Stealth pack, sports exhaust, gorilla glass door upper, and McLaren Track Telemetry. The options add up fast. This is also the top-of-the-line Performance Trim, so $440k is about right. The seller does not state whether they're an official McLaren dealer or not, but we doubt it. And it sounds like the seller is anxious to move it, writing that "You'll end up waiting months if you want one new. I have one here ready to go in perfect condition."

So if you've got 30 (or more) Bitcoin you're in the mood to spend, this fully loaded McLaren 720S isn't such a bad way to spend them. Then again, perhaps it's best to hang on to that precious Bitcoin. What if the surge continues? Then again, the seller makes a good point by stating the McLaren is a bargain compared to the guy who bought a pizza for 10,000 coins in 2010.

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