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Someone Is Trying To Flip Another Ford GT And Ford Isn't Happy

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This time the sale could happen at auction.

When Ford offers you the opportunity to purchase a new GT supercar, chances are you're going to take it, but there are a few conditions. Pro wrestler John Cena knows all about that. Last December, he sold his GT at a profit, and Ford sued him for violating the sales agreement, which stated the owner could not sell the car for at least two years. Cena disagreed and the whole thing is being dealt with by lawyers. Anyway, Motor Authority was checking out Mecum's listings for its Indianapolis auction this week and, low and behold, there was a Ford GT listed.

With the exception of maybe a charity auction, Ford does not allow GT owners to sell at private auctions either, at least until after 24 months. So Motor Authority reached out to Ford to inquire about this situation. A spokesman said the following: "We are aware of this situation and looking into it, however Ford does not comment on individual customer matters. What we can say is that all Ford GT customers sign contracts, which include an agreement not to sell the car for at least two years." Motor Authority also says it managed to get a hold of a copy of the buyers' contract and nowhere did it explicitly state anything about a two-year cannot sell requirement. Points for Cena right there.

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The Ford GT in question here, build number 48 out of 250 produced in 2017, has just 7 miles on its odometer and features an Ingot Silver exterior with some slick black striping. The interior is equipped with the "Dark Energy" package. And, of course, all new GTs come powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 with 647 hp. All of that power is directed to the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. The base price for GT is about $450,000, but options will further boost the final price. Chances are Ford can do nothing to prevent the auction from happening, but it probably has a few questions for the seller. Photos courtesy of Mecum Auctions.