Someone Just Paid $7.6 Million For A Piece Of Ferrari History

Floyd Mayweather is wondering why the guy didn't just buy seven Bugattis.

It’s really hard to believe that someone could drop $7,645,000 on one car, but that’s exactly what happened when this 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica went up for auction. The auction was held by RM Auctions and Sotheby’s and consisted entirely of cars from the father-son collection of Paul and Chris Andrews. Of the 16 cars listed none sold for less than $1 million, and this Ferrari was the top dog. So, what makes this Ferrari so damn special?

For starters, only 47 were made and only seven of those were built by Pininfarina. This SWB Cabriolet model was the last built and was actually the car Ferrari put on display at the 1962 New York and Geneva auto shows. It sports a removable hardtop, 340-horsepower V12, and some pretty retro headlights. That’s an amazing pedigree, but was it really worth $7.6 million? The car is in immaculate shape and hopefully it won’t be strictly a museum exhibit. A car this classic is just begging to be driven, albeit sparingly. Imagine spending that much on a car and never getting to drive it!

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