Someone Just Turned The Ultimate Off-Roader Into A Stunning LEGO Model


LEGO can solidify this off-roader as one of the best, ever.

Anyone that's ever spent some time in a capable four-wheeler or on a road other than tarmac will have heard of the glorious Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series. Hell, if you like cars you've heard of the Land Cruiser. This LEGO recreation of the BJ42 is the perfect way to pay homage to one of the best off-road vehicles. The 1,700-piece recreation was created by Matthew Inman and is currently on LEGO's "Ideas" website.

This specific BJ42 model is the pinnacle of the 40 series and has features that were unique to the vehicle. The LEGO version has opening doors, a 'roo bar in the front and a complete interior. Inman has put a lot of detail into the design, including footwell vents, leaf springs, as well as the chassis and running gear.In other words, this is the closest you'll be able to get to the real thing without shelling out thousands of dollars. We've already visited the website to support Inman's build and can't wait to see the finished product.

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