Someone Made A Chevy Silverado 3500HD Stretched Limo And We Don't Know Why

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But if you like what you see, it's up for sale.

The Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD was always intended to be a multipurpose workhorse, but we're pretty sure that the original designers of the 1996 3500HD you see here had no idea that someone would convert it into a stretch limousine. We've seen odd limo conversions in the past, including a stretched Ferrari and another going as far as stretching a Lear jet. But seeing a limousine being made from a truck is just as strange. That said, this one has survived for quite some time and doubles as a sort of time capsule since many of the additions to this truck seem to have been carried out in the 90s.

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While the exterior retains dual rear wheels and a relatively stock appearance if you discount the added length of the vehicle, the inside is another kettle of fish altogether. The purple hue of the tinted glass casts a glow on the old-school television set that accompanies a VCR player and a drinks cabinet. There's also the obligatory sunroof big enough to stand through and numerous speakers to make your night out truly memorable. Whoever built this limo also had the forethought to include vinyl seats that are easy to clean in case of the inevitable loss of body fluids that can be brought on by an excessive night on the town.

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The final kitsch piece of personalization undertaken on this vehicle is the bowtie-shaped window opening between the driver and the back of the limo. We can't say we'd buy it - especially since it's filthy and littered with junk - but if you would, it's currently for sale on Facebook. The owner says it has seating for 12 and only 115,000 miles on the clock, but with an asking price of $17,000, it'll probably be on sale for some time. We can't say we're enamored by it in the slightest, but in a world where a 16-foot truck exists and doubles as a jacuzzi, we're sure someone will fall in love with it.

John Derry John Derry John Derry
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