Someone Merged A Chevy Suburban With A Honda Accord And The Result Is Hideous

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This unholy mashup of an American SUV and a Japanese sedan is fit for the apocalypse.

Most of us are familiar with Mary Shelley's literary creation, Frankenstein's monster. Created by a young scientist, the fictional creature was fashioned out of various bits and pieces from animal carcasses and dead humans. The unholy result is, unsurprisingly, rejected from society due to its disagreeable physical features. There are a number of similar creations in the automotive world; creations dreamt up by eccentric designers (Tesla's Yoke steering wheel comes to mind) and engineers with budgets as big as their imaginations. But sometimes, they're created by car enthusiasts who are interested in things other than 0 to 60 times or top speed. In recent years, post-apocalyptic creations have become very popular with survivalist types. This brings us to today's abomination: half Chevy Suburban, half Honda Accord, this thing is all ugly and, believe it or not, road legal.

Matthew R Lemieux Matthew R Lemieux Matthew R Lemieux Matthew R Lemieux

Facebook user Matthew R Lemieux recently spotted this odd mashup in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The bottom half of the vehicle once belonged to an eighth-generation Chevrolet Suburban. While most of the body panels - including the doors, front fenders, and hood - are missing, the most striking design feature of this creation is the Honda Accord that appears to have crashed into the Suburban... or onto it.

The apocalypse-ready mash-up belongs to Morning Raven who, in the video below, details the build and explains the inspiration behind the Accord/Suburban hybrid. The lengthy roof of the Suburban was lopped off, replaced with the humble family sedan's body - well, most of it. The front end isn't needed, relying on the Suburban's bluff front end. The vehicle is affectionately known as "Ansley the HellBilly Honda."

Honda Honda

Inside, it's the same fusion of the '90s SUV and Japanese sedan. The dashboard and steering wheel remain Chevrolet, with the door panels from the Honda being used. In the video, Raven remarks that the project is far from complete. "From the beginning, it was just a stock, black Honda Accord. I'm probably 20%, maybe 30% done. I've [barely] started as far as I'm concerned."

Amazingly, his creation is road legal, sporting Idaho license plates. There are a few gaps in the bodywork, but that's on the list of things that need to be done. In the video posted by The Apocalypse Post, Raven says he plans on fitting the Accord's hood to the Suburban. Based on the photos, it appears that there's been progress. Gone are the Chevrolet's headlights, replaced by the items first housed on the Honda. "People love this thing. I love the reactions I get. This is my daily driver, by the way."

Hats off to him for the build, but we have to wonder, just because you can, does it mean you should? We've definitely seen more attractive builds.

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