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Someone Paid An Absurd Amount For This 1994 Toyota Supra

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It may be in pristine condition with just 7,000 miles on the clock but this is ridiculous.

With less than two weeks until the long-awaited debut of the new Toyota Supra, excitement for the reborn Japanese sports car is at an all-time high. It’s perhaps unsurprising, then, that demand for the old model has surged. Case in point: someone just bought a fourth-generation 1994 Toyota Supra Turbo for a whopping $121,000 on Bring A Trailer. That is a mind-boggling amount of money for a stock Supra and must make it one of the most expensive used examples ever sold.

To be fair, the car is in impressively pristine condition. Its Renaissance Red paint still shines and there are only 7,111 miles on the odometer. Just to make it even more desirable, the car's 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged 2JZ-GTE inline-six engine is paired with a Getrag V160 manual transmission - a match made in heaven.

The straight six produces 320 hp and 315 lb-ft of torque, and the car rides on 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza tires. Standard features include four-wheel power vented disc brakes with ABS and double wishbone suspension.

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According to the sales listing, the car has only had two owners. It was first leased in 1994 in Florida, before ending up in Pennsylvania in 1999 when the lessee bought the car. The car was bought by the selling dealer 20 months ago and has since been stored in a climate-controlled facility as part of the selling dealer’s private collection.

While we can't quite comprehend spending such an absurd amount of money on a 25-year-old Toyota Supra, it isn’t the most expensive example ever sold. That title belongs to the famous orange 1995 Toyota Supra Targa driven by the late Paul Walker in the original Fast and Furious movie, which sold at auction for an eye-watering $185,000 back in 2015.