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Someone Paid Over $100k For This Stretched Ferrari 360 Modena


For when gearheads are holding a wedding party.

Go online and look for a used Ferrari 360 Modena. You’ll quickly discover one can be had, with fairly low mileage, for less than $100,000. But why settle for just a two-door 360 when there’s this stretched limo 360? That’s right. Somebody sliced a 360 Modena in half, added the necessary body length, completely redid the interior, and voila! A Ferrari 360 Modena limousine, supposedly the only one of its type in the US. And it was just sold on eBay for $104,400. The conversion itself is literally brand new, having been completed this year.

With seating for up to seven passengers and features an open roof top, leather embroidered seats and plasma screen TVs inside, there’s a total of just 31,801 miles, which really isn’t that bad considering the Ferrari is a 2003 model year. Its 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V8, good for 395 hp, looks to be intact and unaltered.

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Although the ad doesn’t mention it, there had to have been quite a few suspension upgrades and other related alternations required. Also no clue how much this thing now weighs, but it’s without question a lot heavier than its original 3,291 pounds. The new feature we like best, however, are those suicide doors. If you’re going to turn a Ferrari into a limo, you’ve gotta go a little nuts. Heck, peak inside and you’ll notice the added rear seats have yellow stitching, presumably to match the original front seats. Is this something Ferrari purists and other collectors like to see happen? Not really, but it’s certainly a lot cooler than your standard limousine. Photos courtesy of verdier.a_123 via eBay.