Someone Put 5,000 Miles On A 918 Spyder And It's Now For Sale At A "Discount" Price

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If you want a cheap supercar this is it.

One of the best investments a gearhead can make is to buy a rare supercar. Although a good and rare supercar will run you north of $1 million, or close to it, the vehicle will immediately appreciate the second you drive it off the lot. That's especially true with the Porsche 918 Spyder. It was originally sold for $845,000 and now used ones regularly go for $500,000 more than that. However, just like normal cars there is one surefire way to get a "discount" on a supercar.

The more miles a car has, the less it's worth. This is especially true of supercars and of this 918 Spyder featured here. Its owner amazingly put almost 5,000 miles on it in a little over a year, depending on when it was delivered. This has led to the asking price "plummeting" to $1,089,072 ($4 million in UAE monies). Its red interior looks damn good and if any engine problems do pop up will the rich buyer even care about the cost to fix them?While $1.09 million is still a lot of coin it's $400,000 less than you'd pay for this 918 with only 310 miles on it.

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