Someone's Selling A Ferrari 599 GTO For Over A Million Dollars!

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It's not just classic Ferraris that are going for ridiculous amounts nowadays.

As a general rule of thumb, you can tell what Ferraris will be perceived in years to come as "legends" by whether they change hands for a million bucks. Pretty much everything sold through the F1 Clienti program will set you back that much, as will going after the firm's more famous vintage racing cars and pretty much every range-topping road-legal vehicle that Ferrar's ever made. And now, it seems, we can start ranking the 599 GTO as one of the fabled Italian automaker's most cherished products.

As this listing from the UK Ferrari specialists Meridien Modena reveals, it appears demand for this limited-run track-ready 599 is so high that used vehicle vendors can justify pricing them at ridiculously high levels. We've already seen someone expect over $600,000 for an example, and now here's one being flogged for £899,995, or, when converted into USD, an eye-watering $1.17 million. What makes that sum even more incredible is that this staggering amount of money is far higher than the rate of inflation (the approx. £275,000 that Ferrari UK charged for the car originally would "only" be worth £333,000 in today's money), meaning anyone who's selling a 599 GTO now will be getting a very nice return on their original investment.

It also probably helps that the specific 599 GTO is about as desirable as they get. Not only is the combo of a Rosso Corsa/Grigio Silverstone exterior color scheme with a Nero Alcantara interior a guaranteed hit for anyone who's eyeing up a secondhand GTO, but the fact it's still only got delivery miles on the odometer and was first registered this year should make this example the most pristine 599 GTO being offered for private ownership. If there's anything that disappoints us about this GTO, it's that the buyer will probably keep it hidden away to further up its value. What a shame that would be if such a stunning vehicle is truly destined to such a secluded fate.

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