Someone Senselessly Vandalized This Rare Lamborghini Huracan Avio


Spare a thought for this guy who's discovering one of the downsides of owning a supercar.

For many, owning a supercar is a dream come true, but it also has its downsides. They cost a fortune to run, and attract attention from onslaughts of photo-snapping car enthusiasts wherever you go. The latter is usually harmless, but unfortunately there are some people out there that resent others' fortune and have no qualms damaging people's expensive possessions out of spite, as the owner of this rare limited edition Lamborghini Huracan Avio recently discovered in the town of Brugge, Belgium.

As you can see from photos taken by Ward Lemmens and posted by POG on his Facebook page the supercar is covered in scratches after someone deliberately keyed it. This wasn't just a quick swipe as they walked past, either – the vandalizer took their time to inflict as much damage as possible, scratching the supercar on three sides. As a result, the damage is extensive and would make any proud car owner weep. Sadly, the damage will be expensive and time-consuming to repair, particularly for an exotic like this. "A rare Huracan Avio with key scratches on three sides... Live from Bruges. I am surprised by this," POG wrote on Facebook. Although this is not his car.

"My sports cars have never been vandalized, considering I take them everywhere. People respect this type of car... most of the time". To make matters worse, Lamborghini only produced 250 examples of the Huracan Avio, so they might as well have defaced a rare piece of art. It was available in four distinctive matte finishes and one metallic finish all inspired by the Italian Air Force. This specific car is finished in Verde Turbine green with white racing stripes. Let's hope the police catch up with the culprit before they ruin another sacred supercar.

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