Someone Stole The Maybach Vision 6 Concept And Turned It Into A Limo


A very aerodynamic limousine at that.

At the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Mercedes debuted the most outlandish and drool-inducing luxury coupe, the Maybach Vision 6 Concept. Aside from the light styling nods to the Mercedes-AMG GT, we never expected it to manifest into much of anything that we'd see in the future. That held true until Roman Egorov, a designer employed by Citroen, decided to get his master's degree and needed a subject for his thesis. The result is the Mercedes Limousine Concept we see depicted here.

While it departs from Mercedes' typical designs using more boxy and Lincoln-esque lines, the grille and rear of the car bear a slight resemblance to the Maybach Vision 6 Concept. Egorov's idea here was to build the most aerodynamic car possible while still keeping its traditional proportions and not sacrificing style to accomplish it. To do so, he took your average three box designed limousine and mended it together cleverly, allowing it to look like a typical three box limo while having it function like a single box design in the wind. Unlike supercars, which aren't actually very aerodynamic due to the need for cooling and downforce-inducing flaps, the Mercedes Limousine Concept is sleek, allowing it to cut through the air with little resistance.

This also helps the occupants inside relax more thanks to a quieter ride. It's an artful blend of science and style because it keeps Mercedes' traditional design language by making the car a rolling status symbol while allowing it to play well with the wind. Whether or not he intended it as a resume to the Tri-Star, we think the design sacrifices a bit too much to meet the aerodynamic goals. The rear end is something Mercedes would not be likely to approve at a final design meeting and despite Egorov's best intentions, the front end almost looks like anything but a Mercedes. Of course, we're talking about a realm we know little about; after all Egorov was the intern at BMW and we're just humble critics.

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