Someone Thinks This Roasted Porsche 911 Can Be Saved For $195K

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And we think that someone belongs in the nut house.

The ad claims this 1996 Porsche 911 Carrera is painted black (and it spells "Carrer" wrong). At least it once was, that is until the painted melted away in what was likely a nuclear explosion. The roof is also caved in and, honestly, it's hard to see that this pile of scrap was once a 911. But instead of sending it straight to the crusher for what wouldn't even amount to usable scrap, someone is attempting to sell what's left of the car on Power originally came from a 3.6-liter flat-six but, uh, that engine is burned to a crisp, too.

It's barely recognizable. The interior? Really? You have to ask? Supposedly this pile of dead Porsche has a salvage title, but here's the wackiest part to all of this: its estimated retail value of $95,000. Of course there's also the repair estimate which is listed at $195,000. So let's get this straight: repair a car (good luck) for $195k and sell it for a hopeful $95k? A good used 993 911, like this one, doesn't sell for $95k. Not even close. So it's no wonder that, as of this writing, there are zero bids for this cooked 911. Doubt there ever will be.

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