Someone Threw an Egg at This Ferrari 458 Driver

Rich lady Ferrari driver gets egged in the head while driving in London.

London has become a supercar heaven for rich residents and foreigners alike. Immense jealousy by locals is a sad side-effect, which sometimes plays out in extreme, unconventional methods. Then again, a simple egg can just as easily do the trick. Case in point: the lady driver of this Ferrari 458 Spider was minding her own rich person business, driving her expensive car down one of the most exclusive streets in the world. Suddenly an egg comes out of nowhere smacking her in the head, with her ego and hair-do taking the brunt of the damage.

The thing is, London’s Sloane Street is full of equally wealthy residents, so it begs the question why one rich person would throw an egg at another? Because it’s fun. We’re certainly laughing.

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