Someone Tried To Jump An SUV Onto A Ferry Fast And Furious Style

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It's probably best not to attempt the stunts from Fast and Furious in real life.

You know those movie scenes where a car performs a preposterous, physics-defying jump and magically lands completely unscathed? That's not what happens in real life, just as this Canadian driver of a Chevrolet Blazer found out. In a scene that sounds like a stunt from a Fast and Furious movie, RCMP reports how Chase Campbell was fleeing from police during a joyride, when he brazenly jumped his SUV onto a ferry. Unlike in the movies, however, the SUV suffered serious damage.

According to the report, the SUV smashed through a locked gate at the closed BC Ferries Langdale Terminal. He then drove onto the upper loading deck, smashing through more locked gates and barriers in the process. Attempting to board the docked ferry, Campbell then launched his SUV off a raised ramp and landed on the upper car deck of the ferry. It wasn't exactly a smooth landing, though, as the SUV crashed onto the ferry landing nose down. Surprisingly, he wasn't injured in the impact. Like an immortal GTA video game character, he fled the ferry and attempted to steal two vehicles belonging to staff in a nearby car park.

Police soon caught up with him, and Campbell was arrested and charged with 13 offenses including Impaired Driving, Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Breaking and Entering, Assault of a Police Officer, Mischief over $5000, and Driving while Prohibited.

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