Someone Wants Over $40,000 For A James Bond Aston Martin That Can't Be Driven

Even if it's smothered with 007 goodness, that's ridiculous.

The Aston Martin DB5 from "Goldfinger" was super cool. It had a bulletproof screen, guns and tons ofother awesome features. Owning one is kind of tough to do, but The 007 Shop has a solution. It built a one-third scale replica of the “Goldfinger” DB5 with all of the cool gadgets that the movie car had, all controlled via aremote control. It looks very cool and but there is a problem. The price is around $43,000 which is aridiculous amount of money for what is essentially a toy.

Honestly, the $200,000 V12 Vanquish mock up is a better solution. Watch the video to see the crazily expensive toyshow its tricks.

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