Someone Wants Over $40,000 For A James Bond Aston Martin That Can't Be Driven


Even if it's smothered with 007 goodness, that's ridiculous.

The Aston Martin DB5 from "Goldfinger" was super cool. It had a bulletproof screen, guns and tons of other awesome features. Owning one is kind of tough to do, but The 007 Shop has a solution. It built a one-third scale replica of the "Goldfinger" DB5 with all of the cool gadgets that the movie car had, all controlled via a remote control. It looks very cool and but there is a problem. The price is around $43,000 which is a ridiculous amount of money for what is essentially a toy.

Honestly, the $200,000 V12 Vanquish mock up is a better solution. Watch the video to see the crazily expensive toy show its tricks.

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