Someone Wants To Sell You This Corvette Airplane Death Trap

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There are less messy ways to die.

Even the guy who built this thing admits it's unusual. That's a good way to start with describing this stretched Corvette airplane sort of thing. And yes, it's up for sale right this very moment on Craigslist. How much, you ask? We'll get to that in a moment, but first we want to share with you what exactly this death trap consists of. Take a 1984 Corvette, stretch the frame and strip off most of the body, save for the hood. Then, take the body of a 1963 Mooney Airplane and place it on top of said Vette. Power? No V8 here.

Try a fuel-injected V6 from a 1998 Dodge Dakota paired to an automatic transmission. Right, OK… So, the seller claims the plane actually crashed in a field and was about to head to the scrapyard. Same goes for the Vette and Dakota. But he wanted to make all three "fly" again. Nice figure of speech. Anyway, the price. Try $5,900. Like the seller writes: "all you need is vision and capital, anything is possible."

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