Someone Was Bound to Render the Aston Martin DB10 as a Shooting Brake

And it's conveniently named the SB10.

Last week’s reveal of the Aston Martin DB10 generated a lot of discussion regarding the future design direction of the brand as well as James Bond’s new car itself. Overall reception was very positive but we also learned that DB10 production will be limited to just 10 bespoke examples. However, an eventual DB11, a name that AM has already trademarked, will likely end up being the DB9’s direct successor. But honestly, that’s just speculation at the moment.

What’s for sure is that AM’s next generation GT car is well into development and will be powered by an AMG-developed twin-turbo V8. That car should arrive sometime in 2016. But for now attention is on 007’s latest ride, and low and behold the first rendering of a variant has just been created, courtesy of Theophilus Chin. The conveniently named SB10 is very much a shooting brake and it reminds us immediately of the Ferrari FF. That’s a good thing, but we really doubt it’ll reach production. Thoughts on it, everyone?

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