Someone Went Crazy With A Chrysler In China: This Is What Happened

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Another sorry example of too much money combined with oh so little taste.

Chinese automotive firms aren't exactly renowned for their subtly when it comes to copying designs. And the same lack of finesse appears to extend to the aftermarket world here too. Thanks to CarNewsChina, we have this rather intriguing Chrysler 300C to share with you. Instead of using expensive crystals, Beijing-based tuner One Hundred Tuning Club opted for 25,000 shiny pieces of glittery plastic to coat the sedan with.

But that wasn't before it fitted the car with an extensive body kit, rear suicide doors and front scissor doors, 21-inch custom rims, each of which took three days to cover in the cheap sparkling stones, and a white leather interior. Other touches include a center-mounted rear exhaust, and new badges. The transformation took four months to complete at a cost of 350,000 Yuan, or around $56,400 at today's rates.

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