Someone Will Buy This Brand-New Ferrari LaFerrari For Silly Money

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And they won't bat an eyelid while doing it.

When selling a car as desirable and exclusive as a Ferrari LeFerrari, dealers can pretty much think of a number, double it, and then double it again. The handful of people that can afford to spend millions on a car who were unable to secure one of the original models – limited to 499 units and priced at $1.69 million – will have to spend at least double that now. And that's if they can even find one.

To those elite members of the gearhead community, this Bianco Italia example has just popped up at Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai with zero miles on the clock. Complementing the white exterior are matte black alloys housing red calipers and a black rear diffuser and carbon-fiber bumper. Red and white leather adorns the cabin, complete with black Alcantara and carbon-fiber trim.

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