Someone Will Pay Insane Money For This Ultra-Rare McLaren F1 LM

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One of just two upgraded to LM spec, this stunning McLaren F1 is going to sell for massive money.

Any time a McLaren F1 is listed for auction it's worth investigating its background. After all, just 64 road legal examples were built, but this one is rare even among that exclusive group. McLaren F1 #073 was sold for over $13 million back in 2015 at RM Sotheby's Monterey auction, but now it's for sale again. Only this time it's been listed in the auction company's new Private Sales Division. This F1 is just one of two examples upgraded to LM spec, meaning it has the ideal blend of road and track elements.

It's been fitted with an even further optimized BMW-sourced V12 with parts derived from the F1 GTR race cars. Total output is now rated at 680 hp at 7,800 rpm thanks to increasing the compression ratio, changing the cams, different pistons, and swapping airflow meters for air pressure sensors. It's also received larger radiators for additional cooling, and a sports exhaust system. In short, it's just one of two road-legal F1 equipped with an LM engine. The exterior, as you can see, features an Extra High Downforce Package that includes a larger rear wing and extra vents. Even the original headlights have been swapped with gas discharged units for better visibility.

Riding on a set of custom 18-inch wheels, F1 #073 was recently refinished in brilliant orange metallic. The interior has been upgraded to GT specifications with re-trimmed leather seats boasting Alcantara inserts, improved air-conditioning system, stereo and even a satellite phone. To add even more icing to the cake, legendary F1 designer Gordon Murray signed the interior, just ahead of the ignition switch on the center console. Yes, this McLaren F1 LM spec costs more than you can likely afford. It's so expensive that its price tag isn't even listed, so serious inquiries only. Photos courtesy of RM Sotheby's.

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