Something Big Is Coming From Mercedes-AMG In The Near Future

And it might be a self-drifting, mid-engined supercar.

AMG—Mercedes-Benz’sperformance division—is known for taking pedestrian, front-engined cars andtransforming them into incredible beasts. Top Gear asked AMG Boss Tobias Moersif there was room for a mid-engined rival for McLaren’s 650S or even the P1in the works and the answer is surprising. Moers claimed that there was spaceabove the AMG GT S in the Mercedes-Benz lineup for an even more powerful car. AMercedes-AMG supercar would put AMG in a league of its own.

“Therewill be more members of the AMG family in the future,” stated Moers. “Thehypercar is always a credible business case. From a technical perspective, froman engineering perspective, we could make something.” The performance divisionhas grown rapidly in the last few years, which makes tackling the technicaldifficulties of a mid-engined supercar more plausible. “It’s always a task tostep into something [a sector] you haven’t been in,” stated Moers. “A year agowe didn’t have the specialty to do that thing, but now we do.” If AMG were to engineer a hypercar, it would utilize turbochargers and even hybrid power once battery weight and costs are lowered. But the news doesn't stop there.

More interestingly, future AMGswill also benefit from Mercedes-Benz’s new autonomous driving technology, whichdebuted in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. But AMG plans to go beyond a measlyautopilot. Moers hinted at the autonomous technology’s ability to show driversthe ideal race line around a track or even go sideways. “The autonomousdrifting car?” questioned Moers. “Sure. That’s easy to program." A self-drifting, mid-engined supercar from AMG is something that's worth waiting for.

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