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Something for the Ladies: Accessorize Fashion’s Citroen C1

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Accessorize Fashion and Citroen have collaborated to create a fashionable and stylish C1.

Accessorize Fashion house has created the perfect car for the female automobile enthusiast. Their take on the Citroen C1 combines plenty of pink on a black interior/exterior and even comes with some bespoke accessories. The special edition C1 comes with an Accessorize Fashion custom umbrella, purse, notebook with pen, makeup bag and wallet among other things. Pink is the continuous theme in the interior, as pink accents adorn the floor mats, door panels, sills and even on the radio.

Usual luxury options such as an MP3 and iPod hookup come standard, as well as a nice sound system and satnav. The exterior also gets a pink touch on the badges, door panels and on the rearview mirrors. The C1 is powered by a 68hp 1-liter engine with your choice of either an automatic or manual transmission. The pretty in pink Citroen C1 will be available starting next month, around mid-September. The special edition production run is limited to 500 units and each comes with its own ID number. Pricing for the pretty C1 starts at €12,000.

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