Someone Paid Shelby GT500 Money For Princess Diana's Ford Escort

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It is a royal car, after all.

Earlier this month, a very special Ford Escort came up for sale. No, not one of the legendary Escort Cosworth models; this example had one of the most famous previous owners possible, Princess Diana of Wales. For those too young to remember, the Escort was an entry-level sedan/hatchback model similar to a modern-day Ford Focus, and Princess Diana was a member of the UK royal family who died tragically in 1997. This car was given to Diana by her then-fiance Prince Charles as an engagement gift in 1981.

One year later, she sold the car after Prince William was born for a price of £6,000 ($8,469 in today's dollars). The car was recently put up for auction by Reeman Dansie's Royalty, Antiques, and Fine Art Sale. It fetched an insane sum of £47,000 plus fees (approximately $72,000), exceeding its pre-auction estimates. That's more than a base Shelby GT500!

Reeman Dansie Reeman Dansie Reeman Dansie

Not only did this Escort sell for more than a base GT500, but it is also one of the most expensive examples ever sold at auction. Even an Escort Cosworth in impeccable condition would struggle to sell for this amount. Princess Diana was among the most beloved celebrities of all time, so it's no wonder why this car sold for such a fabulous sum. After her tragic car crash in 1997, any car once owned by Diana now has substantial prominence.

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A Ford Escort seems pretty mundane for a princess, but this one has a few details to make it fit for royalty. For starters, this is the top Ghia model with wood trim and velour upholstery. On the hood, it wears a unique silver frog ornament, a copy of the gift given to Diana by her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer. The car is in amazing condition for its age, with only 83,000 miles on the odometer. Even at over $70,000, the Escort sold for less than one of Diana's other vehicles, an Audi 80 cabriolet, which sold for $81,853.

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