Son Buys Dad 68 Camaro Dream Car for Christmas

How do you top that next year?

Regular frequenters to our Facebook page (yes, we have one) will recall our Seasons Greetings post where we hoped everyone would soon get the car of their dreams. Well, this lucky father didn't have to wait too long as his son, professional photographer Lee Morris, gave him a 1968 Camaro as a Christmas present. Morris had the car painted Hugger Orange with white racing stripes in a procedure that took well over 100 work hours in order to get it exactly the way his father had always described it.

Morris photographed the car, framed it and gave the picture to his father on Christmas as a teaser gift, only to reveal the main course seconds later. So if your son wants to be an artist, for god's sake encourage him, it might get you your dream car one day and a nicely framed picture too.

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