Son Gifts Grandpa With His Dream 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, Tears Ensue

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It's always nice to see a family bond over cars.

For a free website, it's impressive that YouTube has managed to become its own cable channel of sorts. Sure, it makes a lot of money off of its advertisement revenue, but given the fact that anyone with a camera and a computer can upload a video, it's given the average joe the ability to earn a living off of making videos. It's allowed channels like The Angry Grandpa Channel to rise to fame with its videos getting over a million views each.

The channel's usual content involves a grandpa just yelling at his family for no reason, but the producers had a change of heart in their most recent episode. You see, the reason that Grandpa is so angry (at least in our minds) is that when he was 16, he was given a 1955 Chevy Bel Air to drive.

And then one fateful day, his sister borrowed it to drive to California where it broke down. Instead of fixing it like a sensible person, she sold it for scrap because she needed the money. Hell, we'd be yelling at our families all of the time too if that happened to us. However, it's the holiday season, which means it's time to let the old wounds heal. That's why Michael, the bitter old man's son, decided to buy him a 1955 Bel Air painted and spec'd exactly like Grandpa's and give it to him as a Christmas present. You can only imagine how thrilled he was. Hopefully Grandpa can continue to find some anger in him after getting his Bel Air back because the channel still needs to make money.

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