Sony Doubles Down on Awesome: GT6 And GT Movie on the Way


We have no idea what a Gran Turismo movie would be like, but we do know that we'll watch it no matter what.

Sony caused quite a stir at Gamescon 2013, where a couple of announcements concerning the Gran Turismo franchise stole the show, at least for us gearheads they did. The first announcement was the December 6 release date for the newest GT game, just the sixth title in 16 years. This was obviously a highly anticipated announcement, but it also came with the confirmation of something new for GT: a feature-length film.

We know very little about the upcoming film, apart from the fact it's being produced by filmmakers Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti. The game contains basically nothing in the way of a story, so it is a complete mystery what the film will actually be about, apart from fast cars. Presumably, and hopefully, it won't just be two hours of people endlessly fiddling with suspension settings in an effort to trim a couple tenths off of their lap time, and then getting horribly frustrated when it doesn't work. However, if that were to be the plot, it would be a story which a lot of us could identify with.

This latest concept movie for GT6 looks impressive. There is a 5-car preorder pack from Sony, a 25-car pack from Gamestop, and a $1M in game credit through Amazon. If the movie will be nearly as good as the game, Sony will have a bonafide double hit on their hands.

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