Sony Just Reminded Us That The Next Gran Turismo Game Will Be Epic

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This new trailer should hold you over until the game comes out.

"Forza Horizon 3" has been the talk of the automotive video gaming world this year. But 2016 is on the way out. 2017 is fast approaching and will be the year of Gran Turismo, more specifically "Gran Turismo Sport." We have seen trailers for the game before but at the recently held PlayStation Experience event Sony decided to remind the world that the latest incarnation in the iconic racing series was almost ready to go. This short trailer is a feast for both the eyes and ears with its gorgeous visuals and cars that actually sound how they should.

Funnily enough CarBuzz met some sound people who work on the Gran Turismo series in Los Angeles during the unveiling of the Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 Spyder. When asked about the sound quality throughout the series they acknowledged a shortcoming and said that they were working to right the ship.

Take a listen and decide for yourself if the sound team is on the right track. As for the folks handling the visuals, well they seem to be doing a hell of a job. As we said before, the 4K video puts real-life driving to shame. The virtual reality compatibility should also be interesting, although with the tech being as new as it is we expect the experience to be watered-down. The trailer ends with the words "coming 2017" which means there's still a few more months (at minimum) until we get our hands on this game.

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