Sore-Losing Audi Says its Laser-Beam Car is Faster than BMW’s

Because ‘first’ was already taken.

Audi and BMW’s childish race to deliver the first production model with laser headlights should have come to an end last week, when BMW delivered the first i8 models equipped with the groundbreaking technology to German customers. But Audi – whose R8 LMX is expected to be a close second (despite earlier promises of being the “world’s first production car with laser high beams”) – just wouldn't take defeat that easily. So the company made up a new sure-thing category in the laser-beam race.

Now, Audi claims that the R8 LMX is the “fastest series car with laser beam” lights, a statement which can’t be disputed, as its 0-62 mph time of 3.4 seconds is obviously faster than the i8’s 4.4 seconds. The Audi also has a higher top-speed of 199 mph, as opposed to the Bimmer’s 155. Now that everyone’s a winner, can we move on, Audi?

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