Sorry Dreamers, The Silverstone Race Track Is No Longer For Sale

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There go our dreams of owning a famous race track.

The saga to see who would own the famous Silverstone race track has been an interesting one, but it seems to be wrapping up without much excitement. The UK-based Jaguar Land Rover Group seemed most likely to purchase the track, until Porsche blocked JLR's bid. While this was happening, the small company Ginetta was also vying for ownership. Then, to add even more to the story, a former F1 driver, Jonathan Palmer, father of current Renault F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, was also in the running to place a bid.

According to a report by AutoSport, the current owner of Silverstone, British Racing Drivers Club, has decided not to sell the track at all. Earlier this year, BRDC was rumored to be considering breaking its contract to host the British Grand Prix. These rumors were fueled because the cost of hosting the F1 race were on the rise. With F1's new ownership, it seems like BRDC has changed its stance on the situation. BRDC chairman John Grant said "After further reflection and, in particular, completion of the sale of Formula 1 to Liberty Media, [the] Board has now decided to shelve discussions about a sale and continue on a go-it-alone basis."

Grant went on to say that "While this is not without risk, we feel sufficient confidence in the improved prospects for our business to justify this change of direction." It appears that Silverstone will stay under its current ownership, at least for now. We are a bit sad because it is every car guy's dream to own their own race track, but we would settle for the occasional track day on the historic circuit.

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