Sorry Godzilla Fans, The Next GT-R May Be A Hybrid

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And have a higher price tag.

Nissan has kept a lot of the details regarding the next gen GT-R close to its chest and while we have a feeling that the supercar will be a lot different to the current model, we didn't think it would be this different. According to co-founder of the North American GT-R Owners Club Matt McCulloh, the next GT-R, which is supposed to come out in 2020, will not only have a hybrid-powertrain, but will also be sportier. While all of this sounds good, the next gen GT-R will have a larger price tag to reflect the added performance.

McCulloh, who is the first American to own a Nissan GT-R Nismo, believes that the next gen GT-R will look more like the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo that was unveiled last year than the current model. With a hybrid powertrain and a sportier look, McCulloh also estimates that the car will go for between $150K to $200K, which is a lot more than the $102K the supercar sells for now. A hybrid powertrain would most likely make the supercar even more powerful, while a more aggressive look and pricier starting point would put the GT-R into a different league. Time will tell if McCulloh's right about the next GT-R, but we've already seen examples of the supercar with an insane amount of power, so Godzilla is good for it.

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