Sorry Hot Hatch Fans, Ford Has Other RS Plans


It's definitely a missed opportunity.

The Ford Focus RS is arguably one of the best hatchbacks ever made: a sports car in a gorgeous hatchback body. Ford may have the performance parts to create a high-performance Fiesta RS, but the automaker has no plans to put a RS variant of the Fiesta into production. There have been rumors circulating about a RS version of the Fiesta for what feels like ever, but it looks like all of that can come to a halt after chief engineer at Ford Performance set the record straight.


In a recent interview with Australia's Motoring, chief engineer at Ford Performance Tyrone Johnson completely shot down the idea of a Fiesta RS in the near future. "We don't talk about future products, stated Johnson. "But in terms of Fiesta RS I've seen some comments from senior Ford people that it's definitively not in the plans. So typically we don't talk about future products, but on that particular one because there has been so much chatter, there has been comments along the lines of 'not in the plans.'" There you have it. If you want a high-performance hatchback from Ford, get your hands on a Focus RS. Johnson, however, did take some time to spread some rumors about an upcoming performance vehicle.

Johnson confirmed that work had already started on another performance model and that the outlet would be focusing on creating seven new performance models by 2020. When asked whether the upcoming vehicle would be faster than the new Focus RS, Johnson stated, "That would be giving too much detail." The upcoming model will be global and will surely have the same, if not more, performance as the Focus RS.

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