Sorry, Speed-Crazy Brits: The Ford Mustang May Become The UK's Newest Cop Car


Now the UK will have some of the coolest police chases in the world.

Ford has been selling the newest generation of Mustang worldwide and the results have been damn good so far. Not only is the Mustang getting a popular reception from countries around the world, but it is selling faster than other sports car brands that usually do well in Europe. It recently was crowned as the best selling sports coupe in the world for 2015, and it then went on to outsell two of Germany's best sports Germany. Beating Chevy and Dodge at home is one thing, but this sort of success is incredible.


With attention like this, it seems that the Mustang has moved on from being strictly an American icon to a worldwide phenomenon. Solidifying its new status is the fact that the UK may just add the Mustang to its police fleet. In the past, Europe has laughed at almost every car that leaves the US and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and understandably so. The old Mustang had a terrible interior, panel gaps galore, and a solid rear axle that was great for drag strips in Texas but terrible for the corners. The updated Mustang has no such issue, and as a result, the UK's National Association for Police Fleet Managers trade fair saw a Mustang dressed in police livery to tease the imagination of fleet managers.

Given that the Mustang GT starts at $32,645 and supplies 435 horsepower to the rear wheels, the pursuit capabilities for the car are endless. A spokesman didn't give a definite answer when asked if the Mustang was going to become the UK's newest police pursuit vehicle, but he did say, "We believe a Mustang would make an excellent patrol car and would encourage safer driving on our UK roads." Furthermore, he added, "We expect to have more information later in the summer." Like all other cars that are considered for police duty, the Mustang will need to pass a barrage of tests, which it failed in Australia. Unless you like to speed, let's hope that the Mustang passes and is fit for duty.

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