South African Thieves Blow Doors Off Armored Truck In Broad Daylight


Witnesses would be forgiven for thinking they had just walked onto the set of a Fast and Furious movie.

It's always good to encourage others to follow their dreams and live out the lives they really want. For some it's to become a doctor and to others, a Nobel Prize winning physicist. But to this gang of South African robbers, it's to be the real life wrecking crew from Fast and the Furious. According to News24, a Mercedes and a BMW filled with a gang of daring thieves drove up to an armored transport truck outside of Johannesburg and shot out the tires the day after April Fool's day.

Being an armored vehicle, incapacitating the truck still meant the job was far from over. But being the brazen criminals they were, the thieves got the guards out of the armored truck, took one guard's weapon, and proceeded to blow the doors off of the rolling safe. After taking the money inside, the thieves made off in their luxury vehicles.

Luckily for us, the pyrotechnics show was caught on camera and suffice it to say, the scene looks like a page ripped out of the Fast and Furious movie playbook. Not only do the escape routes appear to be blocked in every direction and impossible to get away from (which the thieves managed to do), but the fact that the criminals had the gall to pull off an attack with such sheer brutality while so many onlookers were there to witness speaks to either high levels of confidence or cockiness. Given that the suspects' two vehicles were recovered without a trace of the gang makes us think it's the former. FYI, there is some NSFW language in the video so make sure the head honcho isn't around before you press play.

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