Special 1993 Jaguar XJ220S Coupe Headed to Auction

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One of only six built, the XJ220S represents the pinnacle of Jaguar styling and performance.

Back in the late eighties Jaguar introduced the XJ220 as a concept, but due to a strong response a production car was promised, limited to just 350 units. Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) was first appointed to conduct a study to establish if a production series was feasible, and later modified nine of the cars. Three were transformed into the XJ220C to compete in GT racing, while the remaining six became the XJ220S: road-going cars that complied with homologation requirements.

TWR stripped the car of its aluminum body, save for the door skins, and replaced original panels with carbon-fiber. A front splitter, wider sills and adjustable rear spoiler were also added. As a result, curb weight reduced to just over 1000kg, while the twin-turbo V6 was overhauled to create 680hp and 526lb-ft of torque. The car's current owner has added substantial performance to what was an already impressive supercar, opting to have a titanium exhaust system by TWR installed for almost $20,000. An expert was contracted to install the exhaust and perform a major service on the engine. An output of approximately 700hp was the result of this work.

Painstakingly repainted in the contemporary Lamborghini color of Reventon Gray, this XJ220S also boasts completely refurbished leather interior and Infiniti projector headlights. The original magnesium wheels have also been refurbished. On par with modern supercars in terms of style and performance, the rare XJ220S seems a snip at $225,000 - $300,000, which is what RM Auctions expect this special Jaguar to be sold for at its Arizona auction this month. Photos courtesy of RM Auctions.

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