Special Edition 2012 Mosler MT900SP for US Only

Only one unit per year of these insane supercars will be built.

Mosler, the boutique supercar builder, has released a special edition of the MT900S exclusive to the US market. Limited to just a single unit per year, the supercar is being billed as an extreme 2-seat, mid-engined, RWD machine that's lightweight and powerful enough to stand head-to-toe with almost any car on the planet. With a composite chassis and carbon-fiber body panels the MT900SP weighs just 2,500 pounds while housing a 7.0-liter V8 capable of delivering 535hp via a six-speed Getrag transmission.

This translates to a sub-three second 0-60 mph time, a sub-11 second quarter-mile time and a 200 mph plus top speed. The hypercar can also achieve 30 mpg at 55 mph and generates record levels of braking forces and cornering. Deep pockets will be needed to take ownership of these limited edition Moslers, which have been priced at over $479,000.

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