Special Edition BMW 7 Series Thinks It's A Rolls-Royce

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This limited version of the 7 Series was revealed in Shanghai.

Ever since BMW began producing Rolls-Royce models in the early 2000s, the German automotive giant has done a fantastic job of giving each Rolls model an identity of its own, along with the craftsmanship expected of the Spirit of Ecstasy brand. Basically, a Rolls-Royce should always feel like a Rolls-Royce and not merely a more opulent BMW. With that in mind, it's interesting that BMW's latest Auto Shanghai 2021 reveal appears to draw inspiration from Rolls-Royce itself. This is a new China-only 7 Series Two-Tone special edition and, like many Rolls-Royce cars, it has a unique two-tone paint finish.


The combination of Cashmere Silver metallic on the upper half of the body and Aventurine Red metallic lower down gives the 7 Series a different aura from the many silver and gray models that are more typical. It makes the latest 7 Series, initially admonished for its massive grille, even more of a head-turner than it was before. Then again, the Chinese market does tend to prefer a brasher approach to design so perhaps this two-tone 7 Series' paint job shouldn't come as a surprise. Based on the M760Li xDrive, this special edition Bimmer boasts V12 power. The US-spec M760i xDrive has a 6.6-liter turbocharged V12 engine producing 600 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque.


That's enough to send this beast to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, although it's not even BMW's quickest sedan. As expected, the interior is an oasis of leather, fine stitching, and gorgeous ambient lighting. Only 25 examples of the 7 Series Two-Tone will be sold in China, making it one of the rarest special edition variants of the brand's flagship sedan. This 7 Series was shown alongside the new BMW iX electric SUV and an M Sport derivative of the BMW i4. While these two models represent the electrified future of BMW, the 7 Series Two-Tone is a reminder that big, bold V12-engined sedans haven't been consigned to the history books just yet.

2020-2022 BMW 7 Series Front View Driving BMW
2020-2022 BMW 7 Series Rear View Driving BMW
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