Special Edition Model Celebrates 20 Years Of Audi TT

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The 'TT 20 years' gets unique paint, badges, and interior.

When it was first released way back in 1998, the Audi TT was a showstopper. With styling nearly identical to that of the concept, the sleek coupe featured a Bauhaus-inspired design focused on simplicity and functionality. The TT's design was a hit, and Audi was hailed for keeping it close to the original lines of the concept.

When it came time for a redesign in 2006, Audi stuck with similar proportions and a smooth design. This evolutionary approach continued with the third generation, which retained the TT's fastback body and clean design, albeit with the crisper, more angular design language that Audi has been using of late. As the old adage goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," and Audi has stuck by this as the TT has evolved over the years.

Now in 2018, Audi is looking to celebrate its design icon's 20th anniversary with a new special edition. Dubbed the "TT 20 years" edition (very creative, Audi), this trim will be limited to just 999 units, with no word on how they will be allocated by region.

Audi claims that the interior changes are inspired by the TTS Roadster concept study from the 1995 at the Tokyo Motor Show. Nappa leather in Moccasin Brown covers the seats, door panels, and center console tunnel, and this leather color along with the Panuka contrasting stitching recall the original concept's interior.

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A Brief History Of The Audi TT
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Unique badges adorn the interior to remind you that you are driving a special edition-there is a plaque bearing the serial number plus "TT 20 years" logos plastered on the steering wheel and gear lever knob. The 19-inch aluminum wheels come in gloss metal gray and the TT gains specially designed exhaust tailpipes. Distinctive OLED taillights make the rear end stand out, and matt Audi logos have been slapped on the side sills to spice up the exterior. There are two choices for paint colors-Arrow Gray and Nano Gray-and the "TT 20 years" edition can be had in either the Coupé or Roadster body styles. Act fast to get your hands on one of these limited edition TTs.


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