Special Edition Rolls-Royce Dawn Aimed At Fashionistas

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For those who want to color-code their oppulence.

It was just the other day that we unboxed the 2016 Rolls-Royce Dawn, and if you watched the video you'd know how hugely impressed by the car we were and just how impressive it really is. Now the House of Rolls-Royce has announced it's Spring/Summer 2017 Couture collection, something that will appeal to the fashion conscious well-to-do crowd who want to match the latest catwalk fashion to their $400,000 droptop daily driver. All the options available are only seen on the Andalucian White model.

A team of talented designers was hand-picked from the world of fashion by Design Director Giles Taylor. The team includes textile specialist Cherica Haye from the Royal College of Art andleather technologist Michelle Lusby, who previously worked at Mulberry. In creating ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’, the designers chose a neutral white canvas as the base for three vibrantcolors that will set the tone for the Spring/Summer collection; MugelloRed, Cobalto Blue and Mandarin. Subtle accents of these colors can be found splashed around the interior of each Dawn, while onlookers can identify these exclusive models by the matching-color soft top roof that really stands out against the Andalucian paint.

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Inside the new Dawn, we find a contemporary Arctic White and Black color scheme accented by the aforementioned vivid colors, they're found in the embroidery of the headrests and the stitching and piping of the seats.

The colors are also crafted into the steering wheel with seamless stitching, a process taken from the world of fine tailoring. Front and rear door pockets feature fine silk with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy set at precisely 55-degrees. The options don't affect the 563 hp / 575 lb-ft 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 though, but there really isn't a need to with figures like that. Most owners will likely only ever be chauffeur-driven anyway.