Special Edition Toyota GRMN Yaris Is Lighter And Leaner

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Limited to 500 units.

Toyota has unveiled its hotly anticipated Yaris GRMN at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Limited to just 500 units, hopeful customers of this special hot hatch will have to cross their fingers and hope for the best; with just a few being produced, a reservation lottery will determine who gets to buy one. Looking for even more exclusivity? Just 50 Circuit Package models will be offered in a striking Matte Steel hue.

Popular in motorsports, the pocket rocket has been further refined based on feedback received from professional drivers. To that end, the special editions boast a weight reduction of approximately 20 kg, a lowered vehicle height, and increased width for better aerodynamics.

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A mechanical LSD is also standard, with power being sent to all four wheels via a close-ratio six-speed transmission with a low final gear set. Already one of the most lauded performance cars of 2021, Toyota says the GR Yaris has now evolved into a car that can be driven even faster with more "peace of mind."

Power for the incredible three-cylinder engine remains unchanged at 268 horsepower, although - for GRMN models - the torque figure has received a boost, now rated at 288 lb-ft.

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The weight reduction is courtesy of a crash diet, Toyota removing the rear seats of the Yaris and replacing the hood, rear spoiler, and roof with lightweight carbon. To beef the hatch up and add more strength, the number of spot welds has been increased by 545 when compared with the regular GR Yaris.

For customers craving an even more hardcore Yaris, a Circuit Package will be made available. Here, a set of handsome 18-inch alloy wheels, a side skirt, and lip spoiler combine to beef up the exterior styling. A carbon twill rear spoiler is also included. Circuit Package GRMN's also receive larger brakes and uprated suspension with adjustable Bilstein shocks.

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The Rally Package raises the ride height by nearly half an inch and includes a GR roll bar (with a side bar), an under guard set, and shock absorbers with a short stabilizer link set. The Rally Package will be a dealer option, with customers able to select individual parts at the time of purchasing. The Circuit Package, however, will be a manufacturer option.

Prices for the GRMN start at 7,317,000 Yen (around $64,000), with the Circuit Package retailing for 8,467,000 Yen ($74,500). With all the additions fitted, the Rally Package comes in at 8,378,764 Yen ($73,500).

It's highly unlikely that we'll see this desirable little car stateside, given the GR never made it here. At least we got the Supra - and the upcoming Corolla GR certainly looks promising.

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