Spectacular Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept Car Takes To LA Streets For Avatar Film Premiere

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The famous movie franchise originally inspired the striking concept vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz has caused a stir on Los Angeles streets, unleashing its awe-inspiring Vision AVTR Concept on public roads to celebrate the world premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Flanked by a wheeled entourage of electric models like the Mercedes EQS, the Vision AVTR slinked down Hollywood Boulevard, turning the heads of curious passers-by who were probably wondering what they were looking at. It's a rather fitting way to celebrate the release of the new film, as the Avatar series inspired the concept car in the first place.

The automaker teamed up with key role players from the movie franchise. Director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau, and production designer Ben Proctor played a part in creating the AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation). The interior, for example, was inspired by the homes of the Na'vi species.

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It must have been quite a sight. The Vision AVTR, with its illuminated wheels and various exterior details, slowly rolled down the busy road in the dead of night. While the video depicts the concept silently slinking down the famous boulevard, it's capable of far higher speeds. At the debut, Mercedes claimed the futuristic EV produces as much as 470 horsepower.

Moreover, thanks to an eco-friendly 110 kWh battery that is entirely devoid of rare metals (it uses graphene-based organic cell chemistry), it has an estimated range of 435 miles. You may have noticed the lack of a steering wheel. That's because, to drive the AVTR, it isn't needed.

A central pulsating control unit is all you need to maneuver the concept car. It also has a rather nifty feature that enables it to do a "crab walk" of sorts.

Mercedes-Benz/Instagram Mercedes-Benz/Instagram Mercedes-Benz/Instagram Mercedes-Benz/Instagram

This isn't the first time the futuristic vehicle has hit the road. In 2020, shortly after it was unveiled, Mercedes demonstrated how the concept car works.

Mercedes continues to forge a strong relationship with Hollywood, as evidenced by the Avatar-inspired concept. The marque's vehicles have long been a staple of the silver screen, and it's set to remain that way well into the future. While not as breathtaking, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is just as remarkable.

The all-electric concept recently made history when it covered 621 miles on a single charge and then promptly broke its own record months later, traveling 747 miles without stopping to top up its batteries.

If you're interested in watching the latest installment of the movie franchise that inspired the EVTR, it's set to debut across the United States on December 16.

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