SpeedKore's Chrysler Pacifica Coming With 1,500-HP Demon V8 And Carbon Bodywork

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The Baba Yaga is designed to dominate the racetrack - and the school run.

SpeedKore Performance has shared details and renders of an upcoming Chrysler Pacifica project called Baba Yaga, powered by a Demon V8 with the Lilith Package, granting it a projected 1,514 horsepower. Beyond this, it will have carbon fiber bodywork, too.

The project is a collaboration between SpeedKore and Abimelec Design, the digital artist who first envisioned the Pacifica Hellcat back in 2020. This isn't the first time rendering artists have collaborated on projects that became a reality, and previously, we've witnessed Khyzyl Saleem help design the Subaru Family Huckster Travis Pastrana used in the most recent Gymkhana installment.

The design study seen here features a full carbon fiber body kit, which includes flared wheel arches, a hood scoop, a seriously aggressive front bumper, and center-mounted dual exhausts.

As far as minivans go, this is one of the best-looking and will definitely be a contender for a spot on our list of insane minivans and family SUVs.

SpeedKore Performance/Instagram
SpeedKore Performance/Instagram

SpeedKore says the muscular 6.2-liter supercharged V8 will be treated to the "Lilith Package." Lilith is the mother of all demons in esoteric lore, so it was fitting that SpeedKore announced this project on Mother's Day. While no details have been shared as to what exactly the package entails, it ups outputs from the stock 840 horsepower to 1,514 hp - truly worthy of being touted as the mother of all Demons, then.

Power is to be sent to the wheels, shod in sticky Michelin rubber, via an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Hopefully, the hardcore Pacifica is all-wheel drive, but we can at least bank on an entirely new drivetrain and RWD, at minimum, with a longitudinally-mounted engine.

With more power than the drag strip-destroying Challenger SRT Demon 170, you can assume the Pacifica would be a handful to pilot. In stock form, the minivan weighs at least 4,521 lbs, but thanks to the full carbon fiber body (SpeedKore's specialty), the Baba Yaga will shed 1,000 lbs.

SpeedKore Performance/Instagram
SpeedKore Performance/Instagram

Whether more weight has been shed aside from the carbon bodywork remains a mystery, but we highly doubt the car will retain three rows of seating, especially given its raison d'etre. The extreme Pacifica hasn't been made for the school run; SpeedKore says the vehicle is "designed for setting lap records, roasting tires, and putting a pep in your step."

There's no indication when the Baba Yaga will be complete, though, but if we were the betting sort, we'd guess it'll be done in time for SEMA Show 2023 at the end of October.

Throughout history, there have been some incredibly fast minivans and SUVs that defy physics and common sense. While Chrysler doesn't want to turn the Pacifica Hellcat/Demon into reality, YouTuber Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez has decided to create at least one example and described the project as "the most insane build I've ever done." It still hasn't yet been presented publicly to our knowledge, despite the original plan to have it ready for last year's SEMA Show.

SpeedKore Performance/Instagram
SpeedKore Performance/Instagram

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