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Spend Hours Checking Out The Best Porsche Paint Colors

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Porsche fans are going to love this.

No car company seems to be capable of matching Porsche's extensive range of paint colors. Stuttgart has produced some fabulous hues over the years and most can be used on brand-new models thanks to Porsche's wonderful paint-to-sample (PTS) program.

PTS may be an expensive option but it helps make a Porsche stand out amongst other Porsche models and acts as a conversation piece at car shows and owner events. Choosing the right PTS color can be overwhelming, but the Porsche Club of America wants to make it a bit easier. That's why PCA has compiled an encyclopedia of colors (called the Rennbow) that exhibits hundreds of hues from both modern and classic Porsches.

The site contains photos for hundreds of colors, so there are plenty of new ones you've likely never seen before. We could spend hours looking at all of the colors and picking our favorites. Many colors still don't have pictures, but the site has a built-in submission form allowing users to send in a photo of the color. The Porsche community is pretty tight nit, so it shouldn't be long before owners start sending in pictures to complete the list.

If you are in the market for a new PTS Porsche and aren't sure which color to choose, the Rennbow could be a helpful tool that'll make your decision easier. Rennbow is also a great learning tool because each color includes details for what years and models it was offered on and how rare it is.

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We found several of our all-time favorites on the list, such as Riviera Blue, RubyStone Red, Speed Yellow, Lizard Green, and Royal Purple. The list also revealed some colors we had never heard of and have now fallen in love with, like Glacier Blue, Casablanca Beige Metallic, Magenta, and Murano Green. Even non-Porsche fans will find colors to love here.