Spending a Few Nights Together, Tesla is Ready to Move In With China

Electric Car

Days after getting its Chinese nickname, “Te Si La” prepares to get into a serious relationship - including local production.

With the official launch of the Model S in China happening this week, and after ironing out issues regarding its local name, EV manufacturer Tesla says it is looking towards a serious relationship with China. As CEO Elon Musk told Automobile magazine, plans for a local factory seem definite. With local demand for the Model S expected to parallel US sales by 2015, Tesla wants to keep prices down and promote further growth in the market.

Currently, the Model S is going on sale in China for $121,000 for the 85-kWh battery back, about $40K higher than the identical model’s pricing in the US. Tesla currently builds the Model S in its Fremont, California plant. In the Chinese factory, Tesla will churn out Model S’s and other future models for the local market and for export. With increasing awareness of the growing pollution in China’s big cities, the electric vehicle manufacturer hopes its budding relationship with The People’s Republic holds a bright future.

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