Spied: 2013 Honda Civic Type-R Prototype

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The hot hatch is coming along nicely, but almost certainly won't be sold stateside.

Honda has built hot-hatch versions of the Civic for the past two generations, and these photos, shot close to Honda's technical center close to the Nurburgring, indicate Honda is working on a Type-R version of the 2013 Civic. The most glaring design feature is the massive rear spoiler, but don't expect to see this on the finished article. Most likely the engineers have added it while playing around with the car's aerodynamics package ahead of firming up the car's design.

Do expect the production Type-R to feature a deep front spoiler, a new rear bumper with diffuser, wider and bigger wheels and sportier seats. This, coupled with firmer springs and dampers, will differentiate the Type-R from the stock Civic. A member of one of Honda's new family of engines will power the 2013 Honda Civic Type-R, most likely a VTEC delivering some 220-230hp. The hot-hatch sector is really heating up and soon enough those with a desire for pocket power will be spoiled for choice what with the Focus ST, Astra VXR and Golf GTI all looming large and now the Civic Type-R thrown into the mix.

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