Spied: 2013 Kia K9

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The South Korean assault on the elite of the auto industry continues.

Only a few months after Kia shocked the industry with their GT Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the South Korean automaker continues their aggressive strategy of scaring the elite of the industry. More specifically, Kia has deliberately set the German automakers in their target sites with the goal of taking on the likes of Audi, for example. Sound unrealistic? Only a few years ago they were largely written off as a serious competitor to Japanese brands. Today, their sales figures and exterior styling say otherwise.

And now some new spy shots show the automaker out testing their upcoming K9 large sedan. From what we can tell through the cammo, it takes a few styling cues from the GT Concept, but the latter will still be a separate model. The K9 is also being developed to go up against German sedans, albeit smaller ones. German automakers have clearly taken note of South Korea's rapid development; they're learning from the mistakes made by their Japanese counterparts in how they underestimated their Asian neighbors. Photos courtesy of thecarblogger.net

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